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Aventure Technology, Inc. has been specializing in custom software applications for businesses, tribal governments and individuals for over 29 years. We assess your current model of processing paperwork and information, then we create a custom solution to help automate the information handling and reporting function of your office. The cost is typically lower than other case management systems and database packages, and best of all, we get consistent feedback that it is very easy to use. From what we observe, this is the most flexible product on the market. Tell us what your vision is and we'll fulfill it.

One of the optimal benefits of using our systems is that you actually own the product; we do not require any annual licensing or support fees. You can choose to buy discounted support at the time of installation or just contact us when you want to add or modify software features. We also provide unlimited email support following the purchase of any of our products. And finally, for those with tight budgets, we offer an option for installment payments.

Our database applications are network-ready and can be easily shared with multiple users and/or departments, based on your network environment. Our You have the choice of running our software on your local network or using a special interface through your web browser for ultimate flexibility. We continue to design new interfaces for clients, most recently creating a Text Message Broadcast system that can send notifications to hundreds or thousands of tribal members at the push of a button. Here are just some of the systems we have developed so far:

Billing Systems (Internal & Outside)
Case Management System
Census Records
Child Support
Constant Contact Analysis
Contract Management
Document Imaging
Drug Testing
Eligibility Program
Enrollment Office
Environmental Data Analysis

Evidence Tracking
Financial Records/Receipts
Insurance Computation

Inventory Management
Jury Selection

Per-Cap Processing
Program Budgeting
Prosecutor’s Office
Purchase Requisitioning

Social Services
Statistical Capture for Grants & Reporting
Text Messaging for large groups

Tribal Courts
Tribal/Employee Identification Cards
Wellness Court

Get in touch if you have questions or an interest in exploring a database solution for your office or department. Consider this a viable option instead of buying a larger, proprietary system that can be costly to maintain and time-consuming to integrate into your current way of working.

Destin Richter
Aventure Technology, Inc.
IT Support & Database Design

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